Fulfill Expectations & Live Up to Your Name: Stay on Satin Never Dry

Stay on Satin Never Dry Satin Bonnet

June 11, 2013 • Behind the Brand, Style

Stay on Satin is a brand for satin bonnets that many  women use on the daily. I decided to review their product “Never Dry”  to see if the product actually leaves your hair “never dry”

This particular bonnet is very easy to use. You simply cover your head and wear it overnight. This particular style is supposed to keep your hair moisturized over night. It has an elastic band around its perimeter that helps to keep the bonnet on your head at night.

Does it live up to its name? I definitely  think this product fulfills on its claim. The bonnet kept my hair feeling moisturized after wearing it. However, this bonnet is not a miracle worker! It will not  MAGICALLY turn your hair from frizzled and fried to lush and moisturized. However, it will keep your hair from drying out, especially if you moisturized it before you put it on.

PROS: Comfortable, Stays on all night, Keeps hair moisturized
CONS: The “reusable bag” is not reusable

Overall, I think it is a great staple product that every woman who wants to protect and moisturize her hair at night should invest in! It’s easy to use and very inexpensive.

Note: Satin bonnets are not made to be used forever. The product is made to work for “approximately 2 months”. So, if you put it in the wash and wear it for a year, don’t blame the company if the bonnet is not “living up to its name”.

Check out my video review here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HF8K1VDk_Kc

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