Product Review: Eden Bodyworks’ Jojoba Monoi All Natural Shampoo, Conditioner, and Hair Oil

September 8, 2013 • Life Tips

This past summer I had the fabulous opportunity to try Eden Bodyworks Jojoba Monoi for the first time. While I’ve heard of Eden Bodyworks before, I’ve never tried any of their products. I’ve read other raving reviews from other blogs such as Jess Gray at Hair Get Kinky and decided it was time I checked out Eden Bodyworks for myself.

I tried three products from the Jojoba Monoi product line:


1. Jojoba Monoi All Natural Shampoo
2. Jojoba Monoi All Natural Conditioner
3. Jojoba Monoi Hair Oil

I tried using the set a total of four consecutive times. I found that the best way to test out a specific product line is to use all the products together. (This was something that I didn’t figure out until my second time using the products).  Overall, the products were very easy to use and left my hair feeling great.
1. First, I used the shampoo. Personally, I like to section my hair into four parts when washing. I applied the shampoo to each section and gently “finger-tipped scrubbed” my scalp. I loved  how my hair felt after using the shampoo. It felt clean and fresh.
2. Next, I used the conditioner and applied it to each section. I let the conditioner sit a little before before rinsing it out. After stepping out the shower, my hair felt really smooth. I loved how curly and defined my curls were. Also, my hair felt sooooo soft.

Eden Body Works

My hair After Shampooing and Conditioning!

My Hair After Shampooing and Conditioning

My Hair After Shampooing and Conditioning!

3. Finally, the hair oil. Normally after washing my hair, I like to braid it up into small sections in order to stretch it out a little bit before styling. The spray bottle was very convenient for this purpose. I applied the hair oil to my palm and then to my hair in order to ensure a smooth application. After letting my hair sit for a day, I undid the braids.

Final Verdict: 
My hair  was beyond moisturized, conditioned, and soft from my roots to the ends. It hasn’t felt (or looked) like this in a while.   I recommend using the products more than one time. After using the Jojoba Monoi line a total of four times, I really felt and saw a difference in my hair.  These products are a great hair staple for the individual looking for easy-to-use haircare products. For simple haircare girls, like me, these three products are simple enough to add to any weekly haircare routine.

The Best Part:
1.  Smell.  I really enjoyed the “Jojoba Monoi” light and refreshing scent.
2. Product Lightness.  I don’t really like when I feel like products leave a heavy residue on my hair after usage. These products did exactly the opposite, so Eden Bodyworks gets extra brownie points for this!

Have you ever tried Eden Bodyworks before? What other products of theirs do you recommend?
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