How I Predicted the Plot of Scandal

November 1, 2013 • Inspiration

Predicting the plot of your favorite TV show Scandal is easy if you follow these three easy tips.

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Just like the rest of the world, I am addicted to ABC’s Scandal.  Every Thursday at 10:00 EST, I cozy up on the couch of my boyfriend’s house and tune in for the night’s show. Being that this is the third season in, there are some key things that I’ve learned about Shonda Rhimes and that swanky writing team of hers. Thanks to a really great  college screenwriting professors, here are top two  tips/pieces of advice on how to successfully predict what will happen next in Scandal.

1. Everyone with a name is important. Screenwriters don’t have time to introduce characters without reason. They only have about 42 minutes to craft a show so every second (and half-second counts). So, if we learned in episode one that Olivia Pope has a mother named Maya Pope, know that at some point Mrs. Maya Pope will come back into the storyline. If she wasn’t important, the writers wouldn’t have named her.

2. What’s the most outrageous explanation? Turn it down one notch.  You can ask all my friends. I predicted that Operation Remington would have something to do with Olivia Pope’s mother. Everyone thought I was crazy. Then I answered: But SCANDAL is crazy! Wouldn’t a crazy possibility be the only thing that made sense. Think about people’s motivations. Think about what could be the most surprising thing. Shonda already let us know Olivia’s father could just magically appear out of nowhere, so why do we think that her mother’s story will stay dormant. Nah-uh! I wouldn’t be surprised if we found out Maya Pope is still alive chilling with Biggie and Tupac on some private island in the Bahamas.

3. Olivia Pope is so predictable. Olivia is probably the most simple character on the show. It’s everybody else around her who is complex. Has Olivia done anything that shocking? No. So stop thinking she will. Focus on what’s going on around her and how it will affect her predictableness. Voila! You predicted the next plot turn.

These are just some of the ways that I entertain myself during my weekly Scandal watching.  I can’t wait to tune in to tonight’s show to see what predictions of mine come true.

How do you predict what’s going to happen next on Scandal? What would you add to this list?

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