WETV’s SWV Reunited Premiere Screening at the Jazz Room: HIT OR MISS?

January 16, 2014 • Branding


Last night, I had the opportunity to attend WETV’s SWVREUNITED series premiere event room at the Jazz Room in New York City. I invited an old friend of mine and Account Coordinator at Taylor PR Imani Rodman to attend and also met up with CBS’ Communications Manager Gabrielle Simpson and Velocidi’s Social Media Strategist Amirah Mercer.

20140116-125745.jpgThe venue was beautiful. Though crowded, the pre-premiere space was the perfect size to mingle and network with fellow event attendees.

During the screening part of the event, the Audience was able to watch a commercial free premiere. However, the space was crowded so there wasn’t much space for those who hadn’t secured a seat in the section of the venue specifically for the viewing. Others, (including myself), had to watch (or attempt to watch and hear) the show using the outflow space in the bar area.

After the show, the ladies of SWV did not do a Q&A (false advertising WETV!), but  they did do an impromptu performance of some of their best hits, which really sparked the crowd. For the rest of he night, my friends and I engaged in casual conversation, danced to the DJ’s mixes and said hello to fellow industry pals we ran into.

Now….Was the event successful? EHMM..I GUESS?

Networks need to start re-thinking their series premiere strategies. With all the reality shows flooding the market, WETV could have done more to really differentiate the show at the premiere event. I think sometimes brands get sucked into doing a classic “premiere event.” They think cool venue + drinks + screening + swag and never re-think their marketing strategy. With all the press, media outlets, bloggers, etc. in attendance, you want to make sure that people are really there talking about the show! Make the event memorable. In essence, you want people to be forced to watch the show, or react/interact with the brand.


Don’t get me wrong, the event was nice. I enjoyed the festive atmosphere, the specialty cocktails, and branded SWV popcorn bags, but I can’t tell you one thing that went on during the series premiere. (Maybe because I didn’t get a seat in the main room and it was too loud in the bar to hear anything other than the people right next to me.) Also, I didn’t leave the event wanting to catch it on TV or online. Sorry!


So… socially this event was a DOUBLE- HIT. Got to hang out with my gals… I even got some great Instagram pictures!


Brand-wise, I think WETV could have done better. Though SWV is an iconic name, their brand alone won’t make their tv show successful.

Will the show be a hit? I guess the ratings will do the talking.

Still love SWV, though!


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