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July 28, 2014 • Brandmakers

How ‘Breakups to Makeup’ Founder Angelique Velez Used a Breakup to Launch her Own Business

Pain can sometimes be the best source of inspiration. Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with veteran makeup artist Angelique Velez, founder of BREAKUPS TO MAKEUP, a bad-ass makeup accessories line who is putting a new twist on “wearable art”.

What attracted me to the products were their eye-catching slogans such as “Please, I can’t even commit to a lipstick.” Talk about funny, but true! Angelique shared the inspiration behind her line as well as some lessons she’s learned about entrepreneurship and the ways her brand has influenced others.

Check out the interview below!

 Rana Campbell (RC): What inspired you to create Breakups to Makeup?

Angelique Velez (AV): I have been a makeup artist for ten years. I was going through my own personal breakup. It was a dark moment in my life. We all go through them. I hit a place where you are with a person for such a long time  and things don’t work out.Being a makeup artist really saved me.

Being a makeup artist really saved me.

It was the reason why I was getting out of bed. It was the reason why I woke up in the morning because I was happy that I was able to make others happy. Makeup itself is so much more than a product. People outside the industry don’t normally see it that way. For us within the industry, makeup is an art.It’s our release. It’s how we express ourselves. It’s a healing thing. That’s the message I am trying to send with Breakups to Makeup, but in a quirky and fun way.

RC: How did you decide what kind of products you wanted to offer?

AV: As a makeup artist, I love makeup bags. I wanted to design a clutch that was a makeup bag but also could be used for going out. My first product concept was the makeup clutch. You can use for their makeup kit or as a clutch if you are going out.  It’s really convenient to carry.  From there, people started requesting shirts. I [responded to]  the demand and kept producing things since then.

breakups to makeup shirt

RC: How has social media been important for your business?

AV: Social media is huge. Makeup artistry is such a visual industry. Instagram is an amazing platform for my business to get the word out and talk about different things that are launching.

RC: What tips do you have for successfully promoting your business on social media?

AV: I try to post three times a day. Morning, afternoon, and evening. I do it during times when people are on social media.  If you keep it updated, and keep your followers informed of what you are doing, they like that. Be real. Be honest.

Be real. Be honest.

I try to inform people about what’s going on with the company, but I also like to tell people about my life. “I’m going through this today… This might help you out.”

RC: What types of business challenges have you encountered?

AV:Trying to balance being a makeup artist and running a business is the biggest challenge.

RC: What’s one of the keys to your company’s success?

AV: Being good in customer service is important.When I first started, I did makeup artistry in a retail environment. I am used to selling. Your customers come first. You want to respond right away. You want to make sure that you are positive and understanding.

breakups-to-makeup (1)

RC: What’s been the best part of owning your own business?

AV: Influencing people. I never imagined my brand would influence people in such a way that it has.  This company came about from a life experience. I didn’t know how many people would be touched. One of my customers had “Love raised me. Lipstick saved me” tattooed on her forearm. She had gone through a lot of things in life [and] the phrase touched her so much. When I saw that, I almost cried. At trade shows, people come over to my table and tell me their stories and how much they are inspired by me. It’s all so touching.

RC: What kind of advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own business?

AV: Be persistent.  Set goals for yourself and follow through with those goals.

Be persistent.  Set goals for yourself and follow through with those goals.

So many people think that they are dream chasing. They say it but they don’t do anything about it. Set goals and realize what it is that you need to do to achieve those goals and follow it. You have to be your own boss. You have to look over yourself. Check yourself. Make sure you are doing what you need to do. Never give up.

RC: How do you SHINE? A.K.A How do you stand out as a makeup artist who has her own product line in a crowded market?

AV: Breakups to Makeup is  different. It’s not like anything out there.  It’s more than a brand. It’s more like a movement.  I am trying to spread a message.

I am trying to spread a message. Makeup is art.

It’s not about making money or having my own company. It’s really about educating people who may not understand what we do as artists. Who don’t understand that makeup is art. I see young people coming into the industry who are so passionate about makeup.  It’s an art. It really is.




RC: What’s are some things that you can’t live without?

AV: My iPhone. If I left home without it, we’d have an issue.  My journal. I carry it with me everywhere. That’s where I write down new slogans or [ideas for] a new campaign.

RC: Who inspires you?

AV: My mom is my mentor. Growing up she was an inspiration. She never did just one thing. She had multiple jobs. She is an educator and is always helping and inspiring others. She is a strong Latina.

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