How to Take Your Work Outfit from Day to Night


October 21, 2014 • Career, How To, Personal Style, Style

One outfit. Two looks.

The key to transitioning from day to night: simple, yet transitional pieces

You’re supposed to meet the girls for drinks after work at a swanky bar and you have no time (or space) to bring a change of clothes. What do you do?

Wear your night outfit to work… of course!

Easier said than done, right? Depending on where you work (or who you work for) your work outfit might have to be more conservative than you would like. However, that doesn’t mean that when you’re off work you still shouldn’t be able to SHINE and show what ya momma gave ya. Here’s some super easy advice (and inspiration) for taking ONE outfit from DAY to NIGHT.

How I took my work outfit from Day to Night:




Outfit Details: Fitted Black Blazer (Zara),  Black Caged Bodysuit (Simplicity), Gold Crochet Mini Skirt (Simplicity), and Chunky- Heeled Oxfords (Nine West). 

This look is pretty safe for work. The blazer gives it a professional touch and the lace crochet skirt gives the outfit personality yet classiness.







Outfit Details: Fitted Black Blazer (Zara),  Black Caged Bodysuit (Simplicity), Gold Crochet Mini Skirt (Simplicity), and Strappy Sandals (Jessica Simpson). 

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Here’s 4 easy tips to follow the next time you want to take your outfit from day-to-night.

1. Invest in staple “classic” pieces such as a well-fitted blazer. 

The blazer was a perfect way to give the look a “ready-for-work appeal.” It hid the spaghetti straps of the bodysuit and also covered up the exposed back. It also was very well fitting and complemented the skirt’s structure and detail.

2. Keep an eye out for simple, yet edgy and transitional tops (or bottoms.) 

The key to this outfit for transitioning from day to night was the bodysuit. Its simple front- facing design worked well for the day look, while the open back design was a perfect transition for something sexier and more eye-catching for the night. Tops (or bottoms) that can be used as “statement pieces” are perfect options for creating day to night looks. The focus of the night outfit was definitely my back, so I made sure to show it off.

3. Always keep a bold lip color in your work bag.

For the day look, I went for a fresh, neutral look. I simply wore a little foundation, black eyeliner, and light nude gloss.  In order to spice up the night look, I added a bold berry lip in Panther from Black Radiance.

4. Accessorize smartly.

For the evening outfit, I wore a pair of cheap faux diamond studs , vintage gold choker, and  a gold link bracelet. Don’t over-do it with the jewelry. When going from day to night, figure out what you want to highlight and stick to it. For this look, showing off the bodysuit’s back details was my focus, so I made sure my night accessories weren’t overpowering. For the day look, I also kept the jewelry simple and opted for slim (but big) silver hoop earrings.

What are some tips you have for going from day-to-night? Share a link to your favorite photo or share your advice in the COMMENTS section.



Disclaimer: I was sent these items for free by Simplicity Line to review and use to feature in this post.


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  • Paul Rizzuto

    Firstly, a confession, Rana. I decided to check this post thinking I might see a sexy picture of you and found 7! (Note: I’ve read many of your posts without commenting, since I’m not much interested in feminine fashion and style, but in broader issues of racial equality and social justice which you often touch on in your posts.) Second, in a humorous vein, I point out that your advice here would never work for UPS drivers, who have to wear uniforms.

    • Paul! Thanks so much for that comment. I’m glad you still read the posts although you aren’t too interested. I’m trying to find the right balance for my actual site. I plan to share more of my cultural-related things on the other sites I write for, but will be sure to include some more on this site, too as I know many of my readers, like you, enjoy those posts. In fact, I have something up my sleeve about my experiences at a recent Princeton Black alum conference. Michelle Obama’s brother (a Princeton alum ’83) told me what he thinks will make Michelle come back…