Once You THINC it, INC it: Great Scott’s Modern Day Guide for Young Entrepreneurs Shows How to Grow Your Brand

October 22, 2014 • Behind the Brand, Career, Inspiration

“Don’t follow your dreams… follow your efforts. Follow the things that you do organically….”-THINC

Marketer and social media strategist, Scott McKenzie “Great Scott”, has released his third and very first audio book titled, THINC: Once You THINC it, INC it, produced by Sirius Xm’s associate producer Jameson Bennett. Scott is a seasoned marketing guru who’s had the opportunity to work with major corporations and industry vets such as: McDonalds, The Billionaire Boys Club, Reebok, Y-3, Donna Karan, The Fugees, Pharrell,  and a host of others.

In this business-focused audio manual, listeners are presented with an in-depth and bluntly realistic approach on how one can discover their passions and monetize from it. THINC definitely targets young entrepreneurs on the rise, as Scott offers invaluable wisdom and insight by sharing his personal experiences and challenging listeners to find the victory within every defeat. THINC has been considered a modern-day blueprint, to growing and navigating as a brand in business dedicated to “shifting the culture forward and making sense of corporate America”, and in my opinion- a life advancement tool for teenagers and young adults.

Catching up with Great Scott, he stated that he was inspired to create the THINC project because he felt that “the youth needed to know the harsh reality of business… it’s not a straight line as people like to make it out to seem.” What I appreciate most about the audio book is that it relates to the voice of our millennial generation. While attentively going through the seven chapters, one will find themselves deeply motivated by Scott’s given analogies, and essential life/business branding tips for rising successors.

The audio book is available for FREE and the link for view can be found  by clicking here. Great Scott hopes that listeners finish his audio book with a “better sense of knowledge”, and self-empowerment.

THINC visual

Here is a list of the chapters, as they cover all aspects true to its title:

Chapter 1- Once You THINC it, INC it

Chapter 2- Art of the Start

Chapter 3- Turn Your Lifestyle into a Job

Chapter 4- The CeWEBerity

Chapter 5- Inspire before you Expire

Chapter 6- Let us Prey, Ugly side to Entrepreneurship

Chapter 7- The Power of the Underdog

Please be sure to view THINC: Once You Thinc it, Inc it and to hear more of Great Scott’s work please click here!

Keep up with Great Scott and Jameson Bennett on their social media handles: @GreatScottnyc and @Jamestown502.

Much more is in store!


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