5 Ways to Shine at Work If You Are an Introvert

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October 30, 2014 • Career, How To

How to make a mark at work if you are an introvert

All your life have you have been marked as the one who doesn’t talk much, or the one who rarely mingles? Are you always wondering how to leave an impression because you are not comfortable in taking the center stage?

An extrovert is someone who is outgoing, talkative and has a natural energetic behavior, while an introvert is someone who is more reserved and likes the solitary more than hanging around people.

Introversion is categorized as the concentration on more of their inner self, while extraversion is categorized for people who are interested more in the outside world. The concept of extrovert vs. introvert is quite relative. People who are generally termed as extrovert can at times be introverts and vice versa.

What about in the workplace? 

Being an introvert has its perks if you use it the right way. You might be able to join the list of outrageously successful introverts like Gandhi, JK Rowling, Bill Gates and Abraham Lincoln.

Here are 4 ways you can shine at work (and in life) even if you are introverted:

1.Be a good listener.

This is an automated characteristic of an introvert. Being a good listener is one of the best skills to have in the work place. The best part of being an introvert is the fact that you rarely interrupt someone while talking and because of your silent demeanor, people assume that you are listening.

In an office environment this comes to be extremely advantageous. When you are with your seniors or peers being quiet and composed is appreciated and noticed. Plus if you are known as an introvert and when you do talk or interact, it is also appreciated and noticed.

2. Be a silent observer.

Most extroverts are not very keen observers, because they are more into what is immediately around them and not what is happening in the background. For an introvert, it comes naturally to observe. You not only notice people around you but also the  smaller aspects of people and work.

In an office environment this is beneficial for your own growth. If you notice and acknowledge things that your peers do not, it can help you to mold yourself. By being a silent observer, you get to learn a lot more about others in the workplace.

 3. Learn to play to your strengths.

Introverts are often focused and  naturally disciplined. The fact that they can work without too much supervision definitely becomes their strengths. Find a job that allows your strength to shine. For example, you might not like to be in a job that requires you to be a people’s person all the time.

4. Hone your Social Skills.

Each person’s life is divided into two clear aspects – Personal and professional. When you make a clear distinction between the two, you can learn to adapt to situations that are quite opposite to your character.

Many great leaders are actually introverts like Barack Obama, Warren Buffet and Hillary Clinton etc. They don’t shy away from standing on a podium and speaking to a million. This quality is achieved after great desire and effort. You too can be that in your work place. Every time you feel shy or uncomfortable, tell yourself that you can do it and take the first step!

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