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January 13, 2015 • Execute, How To

Knowing how to write will forever be a business essential.

Writing is slowly becoming a lost art from.

With the advent of technology such as texting and video conferencing, it seems as if this generation no longer values of  well-written verbiage.

Knowing how to communicate is so important for business and brand growth. (CLICK TO TWEET.)

In this short Q&A post, Sakita Holley, founder and CEO of House of Success PR, shares a tip on how one can become a better writer and how being a better writer has helped her career.

How do I know Sakita? I first connected with Sakita while I was still in college and wanted to learn more about what it was like to run one’s on PR/Communications firm. I admired Sakita’ blog Hashtag and Stilletoswhich I thought provided sharp commentary on the PR industry but also expressed the unique voice and style that is evident in Sakita’s writing.

What’s one way someone can become a better writer?

Sakita Holley (SH): The best way to become a better writer is to read more and write something new everyday. Reading will help you learn more about different writing styles and how to tell a compelling story. Writing something new everyday will also help you hone your craft. Practice really does make perfect.

How has this advice worked for you in your career?

SH: This advice has helped me tremendously. Reading, which is something I love to do anyway, helps me understand how to tell stories in a way that can make an audience feel something or persuade them to do something. It also introduces you to different writing styles and techniques that are useful in my daily PR work. And writing often is key if you want to get better.

Do I agree with Sakita’s advice?

Yes! I really think my ability to be a rather well-skilled writer stems from my love of reading. I say this a lot, but reading is really one of my favorite things to do. As a child I remember going to the library and simply devouring books! My parents (especially my mom) really cultivated in me an appreciation for knowledge. By reading others’ works, you start to develop an ear and eye for what makes a good read. You’ll start to know what flows and what doesn’t…and so much more.

Some of my favorite blogs that I try to reach week are:

Subscribing to newsletters of your favorite business professionals/bloggers is one way to start a reading habit. When I used to commute to work via train, I saved my mornings for reading especially. By studying how others communicate with their audience, I picked up some very useful tips.

One great way to commit to writing and reading more is to make it habit. For example, why not leave a book by your bed in the morning and commit  to reading one page each morning when you wake up? You can also do this with writing. Leave a small notepad by your desk and start your day with  fresh journal entry. (It doesn’t even have to be long.)



If you can write well, you can learn to communicate with and GROW your brand’s audience. (CLICK TO TWEET)

Knowing how to communicate is so important for business and brand growth. (CLICK TO TWEET.)

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What’s one way you’ve practiced becoming a better writer? How did it help build your brand? Share your story in the COMMENTS section below.

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