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February 5, 2015 • Grow

Each day is a new opportunity to be a better you.

How do you grow from failure? Focus on your personal development.

A few days I stumbled across a quote that really spoke to me.

Here’s the quote:

“You’re under no obligation to be the person you were five minutes ago.” (CLICK TO TWEET)

How true is this?

Repeat this to yourself right now: I am no obligation to be the person I was five minutes ago.

Five minutes ago, were you mad? Sad? Disappointed?

Guess what, right now, you do not have to be. You can change. You can decide to feel something else.

Alot of times people think they need “permission to change” or that there needs to be a “perfect time” to start making changes that you want for yourself.

Not true.

In order to learn how to motivate yourself, you’ve got to get this way of thinking out of your head.

Every coming moment is the “perfect time” for change. Once you believe that, once you know that YOU have control over the change you want to see in your life, the possibilities are endless.

When you have the time, read this: How Self Reflection Will Change Your Life .   (It’s a great read/listen and will have you thinking about how you can start working on your personal development to become a better you.)

Today is your day. #quotes #motivation #success #shineon

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You can use this philosophy in many areas of your life such as:

How to motivate yourself to study. If you know you need to study, try not to procrastinate. Make it your mission in the next moment to DECIDE that you will commit to study. Then, go and make a plan on how you can do so.  Telling yourself to take action (and actually following through) is the key to productivity.

How to motivate yourself to work out. Do you ever feel that you are consistently failing? Feeling that you’ll have days or weeks where you are on a workout spree, but then find yourself not being as committed? Once you know what’s going on, realize that RIGHT NOW you can decide to change and to recommit. Just because you fell off, doesn’t mean that it has to define you.

How to motivate yourself to change. When it comes to personal development, we all know there are areas that we need to work on. I know that I can be pretty temperamental. I tend to react before thinking through a situation. Last night, I was in a situation where someone said something to me that made me REALLY upset. What would I have normally done? Reacted. What did I decide to do at that very moment? Not react. I told myself that although I may be known to react in situations like that, this particular time was going to be different. I remained calm.

You know how that made me feel? Pretty darn good.

There’s so much power in learning how to motivate yourself to change.

There’s so much power when knowing you hold the steering wheel to your life and you can drive it in ANY direction. (Tweet this)

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