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Nubian Heritage Review - Marketing Lessons From The Skincare Industry

June 27, 2015 • Branding, Business

Can your brand satisfy multiple needs?

Sometimes the best marketing tips can come from products you love.

I’m a big lover of beauty and skincare products. So when I had the chance to review the Nubian Heritage Patchouli and Buriti collection, I was super happy.

However, as someone who also loved branding and marketing, I thought this would be a great opportunity to  learn how my experience with the products could influence a post on marketing tips.

Check out my review of Nubian Heritage Patchouli and Buriti Collection below:

So what marketing tips did I learn from this collection?

1. Having a collection helps add to the overall “product experience.”

I loved the idea of a “layered experience.” If you have a product, having a complementary add-on that helps with the overall product experience can enhance how consumers engage with your products. (This is also a great way to “up-sell.” If you make soaps, why not add a moisturizer of a similar scent to your product offering? Remember: don’t over do it.

2. If you’re in the service arena, think about complementary services you can offer.

For example, as a branding consultant, I might do website branding audits. A complementary service I could provide would be a “branding audit consultation” where I work the customer through the audit report and allow him/her to ask specific questions. This is meeting two needs of your customer: They get a report about what they can do better AND they can talk through HOW they can get this done (and also get some much-needed verbal support.)

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