How To Master Linkedin & Become A Networking Ninja [LISTEN]

how to master linkedin

March 23, 2016 • How To

Ever wonder how you can master Linkedin and unlock the true potential of the platform for your brand?

Well now you can learn!

I was recently part of Sylvia Henheffer’s telesummit Social Media Marketing Made Easy where I talked about how to master Linkedin for your small business or personal brand.

Listen to my chat with Sylvia here:

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How I use Linked to grow my community
  • How to use Linkedin to build your personal brand
  • How to use Linkedin to get more clients, make more money, and stand out from your competition.
  • The exact daily tactics/strategies I use to leverage my Linkedin audience to network and build lasting connections (in essence – truly linking in.)
Thank you Sylvia for having me on your telesummit. It was a pleasure being able to share my own personal Linkedin story.
Friends, please take a listen. I hope you learn something new. As always, feel free to share your thoughts on the Linkedin mastery tips shared by commenting below!
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