How To Confidently Charge What You Are Worth

How to charge what you are worth Maya Elious

September 17, 2016 • Grow, Podcast

Have you been struggling to figure out how to charge what you are worth? In my recent Dreams In Drive podcast interview with Maya Elious – a personal branding strategist, coach, and speaker who helps her clients learn how to create irresistible content and build a profitable ┬ábrand – we talked all about the importance of getting clear on your story. This means getting clear on your purpose…your WHY! Listen to the podcast and hear Maya’s advice on how understanding your story and building an audience will help you build a PROFITABLE business. She shares her personal dream driving story, how to build a dedicated audience, the tools she invested in early on…and more!

You can listen here to Maya’s episode here:


Instagram: @mayaelious_
Twitter: @mayaelious

What are some other tips that you have for learning how to charge what you are worth?

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