How To Promote & Market Your Podcast | 10 Tips For Growing Your Podcast Audience

how to grow your podcast - tips from rana campbell

July 1, 2017 • How To, Podcast

So you have a podcast?

What next?

How do you get more people to listen and to be interested in it?

I recently had the opportunity to be a guest on Art Steels’ Legal-EASE For Entrepreneurs Podcast about the topic of marketing and promoting your podcast. Art interviewed me about my own #dreamdriving journey to podcasting as well. We then dive into 10 tips you can use to grow and promote your podcast.

Press play below to listen to the full episode:

Here’s an overview of the tips below:

  1. Understand who your audience is & LIVE in your niche
  2. Build a podcast HOME – a website for your listeners to experience;
  3. Make sure your visual branding is POPPIN’ and recognizable (logo, branding, photos, merchandise, etc.)
  4. Guest posts on other related blogs
  5. Cross-promote and be a featured guest on other podcasts
  6. Partner with podcast distribution networks (i.e., Apple Podcasts, PodcastInColor)
  7. Leverage your guest’s audience by interacting with their followers
  8. Use social strategically to interact with your followers after each episode
  9. Create and online community to speak to your fans directly
  10. Gather testimonials of your podcast experience (from both listeners and guests) and promote your ratings.

What other tips would you add to the list?

Share in the COMMENTS section below!

Check out Art’s podcast here. 



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