Why You Should Think Twice Before Emptying Your Trash

February 19, 2014 • Business, Life Tips

Ideas are jewels. Never throw them away because you never know which one will end up being priceless!

If you’re like me, you get a high from throwing stuff away. I’m thrilled when I am able to “delete” a file, throw something in the garbage, or finish a project in order to “make room for something new.”

Throwing stuff away and crossing things off your “to-do list” are cool and all but have you ever wondered what happens when you throw said item into the abyss that we have come to call the “trash can” ?

Here’s a quick example of something I threw in the trash:

Back in 2010, in my sophomore  year of college, I started my own YouTube Channel Rainshineluv. This channel was supposed to be a “natural hair channel.” I wanted to vlog about  all things natural including hair products, styles, and tools.

I had dreams of becoming a star.

But, becoming a star was hard.

None of my videos were overnight successes. I did have one Faux Bun Tutorial that I thought was very successful, however. Overall between 2010-2012, I made 12 videos. I  had a brief comeback in 2013 with this video but then I fell off the map.

I told myself that vlogging wasn’t for me. I didn’t want to do it anymore.

I put “Rainshineluv” in the virtual trash.

Here’s why I am SOOOOO happy I never “emptied” the trash:


Why I’m happy I never  deleted my YouTube Channel:

 Last week, I was stuck in Michigan for two days due to snowy weather in the New York City/ Northeast. With no flight back to La Guardia Airport from Detroit Metro, my colleagues and I were stuck in Ann Arbor Michigan in lovely Sheraton hotel rooms.

Staying in a hotel room all day can be pretty stimulating for the mind.

I thought about where I’ve been (in all senses of the word -physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially)  since graduating Princeton. I thought about my recent accomplishments and past feats. I thought about how I wanted to become a tastemaker and influencer in the media, branding, or fashion worlds. I wanted to speak to people directly. Although I’m blogging now, I knew I could do more. One of my friends had once told me he could see me being the next Oprah.


Why haven’t I tried to be the next or BETTER Oprah?

Then I thought some more….well Oprah was  in front of the camera!

Maybe I need to get in front of the camera!

…and then it hit me!

My abandoned Youtube Channel.

I quickly logged on and checked my stats:

157 subscribers, 18K+ views.

Not too bad, Rana.

At that moment, I made it my goal to start vlogging again. I decided to give life back to Rainshineluv!

This could actually be a great starting point to a rebranded and revamped Youtube channel for me.  I wouldn’t have to be starting all over. I could use the foundation and social following I had already built on the  platform make it better using all the social media skills and knowledge I’ve learned since I first created the channel. In all, me vlogging would only help  add to my personal brand, business, and future!

Exciting, right?


Sometimes we throw things away because they don’t serve a purpose to us at the present moment. While this is good most of the time, sometimes some things from our “past” can actually boomerang back to our present and bestow us with good luck, success, or even an epiphany that leads to a better idea.

As a creative or business person, it’s important to never really permanently trash any of your ideas or your assets.

Tried something out and it didn’t work? Toss it into the “see you later” trash.

Although people may tell you to put things in the trash and never look back, I say think twice before you do it. In fact, you can put in the trash, just don’t empty it!

Looking back at it now, I am SOOOO happy I did not delete my Youtube channel when I thought I had outgrown it.  Looking back at those 12 videos I made is actually inspiring me now to be an even better creative and thought leader NOW!

I’m a lot wiser now. I know a lot more about video content and editing. I have a better sense of my goals and purpose.  I’ve had a lot of cool experiences. I’m ready to vlog again, people!

So stay tuned for a revamped Rainshineluv Youtube Channel! I can’t wait to share all the things I love with you— through short videos! If you have ideas on what I should vlog about, please shoot me an email and let me know.


Catch me on the small screen soon!

What’s something you’re happy you never trashed? Share your story below.


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Rana Campbell is the Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Ranacampbell.com, a site dedicated to personal branding and helping people learn how to SHINE in their personal and professional lives.

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  • Emilie Burke

    I tend to find myself on the other end of the spectrum- being a bit of a hoarder. I’m always worried about throwing away things too soon. Where is the line?!

    • The line can often be blurry!!! In this case though, I’m talking more about ideas that you have that you think may be “trash.” Don’t throw them away permanently . perhaps keep them in a safe place (that doesn’t take up space…such as notebook/word document) and feel free to revisit again every once in a while.

      When it comes to physical, things, maybe ask yourself, “Do I really need this… Will this be worthwhile to be in a few years?) I have the same problem especially when it comes to clothes so you are not alone. There actually are some items I have that I’m glad I didn’t throw away….they’ll be vintage in a few years lol 😉