How To Unleash Your Inner Boss

amira onibudo

April 13, 2016 • Grow

Have you ever been disappointed in yourself?

Disappointed that you didn’t seize an opportunity….
Disappointed that you didn’t believe in yourself during a time you needed to…..
Disappointed that you didn’t put in as much effort as you could have?

Been there. Done that.  We’ve all had those moments where we have given up on ourselves and our dreams….where we lost the will to continue the good ol’ fight.

On this episode of the Dreams In Drive: No Parking Podcast, we chat all about how you can unleash yourself and stop letting doubt control you. It takes a while but it can be done. Trust me. This here podcast is a testament to not letting fear of failure stop you from creating and pursuing your passion.

In this episode, Unleash Yourself founder Amira Onibudo discusses: 
– How you can start being more CONFIDENT in yourself
– How to get over the “fear of no one is going to follow me” syndrome
– The exact strategies and tools you can use to grow your brand
– The importance of being “present” with your audience
– How to balance the desire to be a  perfectionist
– Why practicing what you preach is integral to building your brand
– How to network smartly…and more

So if you think you need help learning how to unleash your inner boss (or just need some extra motivation), listen below:

Always remember to put your #dreamsindrive, shiners!

PS- I’m looking for creatives and lifestyle entrepreneurs with great stories who would be great guests on the show. If you know of someone, email me at 🙂

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