How To Start A Podcast (The Beginner’s Guide)

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October 10, 2017 • Grow, Podcast

Do you want to learn how to start a podcast?

So as you know, I am the host of Dreams In Drive – a weekly podcast for creatives & lifestyle entrepreneurs who want to take their dreams out of PARK and into DRIVE.  I launched the podcast in January 2016 and as of publishing – the podcast has accomplished the following:

So how did I do it?

Where did I start? How did I grow it? What tips would I have for others who are just starting out?

Since I get this question alot, I thought it would be helpful to create a quick how-to/START here guide. I’m actually working on something that should be launching SOON, but if you’re thinking of starting a podcast, definitely start here.


Here’s a link to some resources that I think will help you as I don’t yet have a Publishing 101 course/webinar available and I really don’t have the capacity to answer people’s questions in details.

#1 – My go-to recommendation for podcasting 101 is John Lee Dumas’ free podcasting course. Also check out this link as well. He’ll tell you everything you need and is super in-depth. It’s what I used to learn everything podcasting. PLUS, I did a heck of alot of googling. People are writing about this stuff. Take the time to RESEARCH. Another good how-to course is this one by the ladies at She Podcasts. 

#2 – As far as equipment goes, my setup is fairly simple. I use an AudioTechnica ATR2100 mic for recording. I use Skype Ecamm Call Recorder for Mac to do my Skype call interviews. I then use GarageBand for editing. This setup works because of my podcast structure. I normally do solo episodes or episodes with a guest. There’s no need for an in-person studio setup.

#3- My podcasting hosting platform of choice is Libsyn. I love it because of its distribution capabilities, robust statistics, scheduling options, and the great SUPPORT. I used to use Soundcloud, but switched over in December 2016 and haven’t looked back!

#4 – In podcasting, you want to make sure that you are in as many distribution channels as possible. Apple Podcasts is the top one! You want to be able to push out to Android devices as well so GooglePlay is another standard one to be on. There are other players to submit to as well including Stitcher, Tunein, Pocketcasts, etc. I also publish my podcast audio to YouTube. YouTube is one of the top search engines so being searchable there has been great for converting that audience into listeners. Lastly, being listed on different podcast directories is a MAJOR KEY. As a podcaster of color, my relationship with Podcasts In Color has been crucial for my growth and connections in the space.

Here are some links to some articles I wrote about building a following that may be helpful:
I also was on Art Steele’s podcast and talked about promoting and growing a following:
Once you start a podcast and really want to hunker down on building your audience and promoting, please check out these SUPER great articles about growing a following and promoting the HELL out of your podcast:
Wanna check out my podcast? Here are all the ways you can listen:


Do you still need more help? I am offering 60 minute podcast consulting sessions where I can answer your specific podcasting questions and give you some expert advice on how to grow. To schedule time for a session, please email me at

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I also have a Facebook Mastermind Group, you can check out as well:

I hope this helps!



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